So, I keep on forgetting that I have a blog to post my thoughts and shits on everyday. It only hit me now, at bout 3am when I’m chilling with my best friend, Insomnia.

So, I paid my hairdresser a visit a few days ago to go fix my hair. As I’m sitting there, talking smack as usual, my turn comes. She starts with the usual and as you may know; I’ve been blonde forever now. She bleached my hair (And in the deepest corners of my heart & mind I tell myself this is the last time. Going back to my afro after this) and while she’s busy, I asked her if she can get my hair pink or red. She says red will do best and I was cool with that.

Wash my hair. She applies the red dye on my hair, chilled a bit then we washed it. Done did what she do best and there I was, R.E.D. =) I like it and I like how I’m the only one rocking this in my area right now. I’ve always liked standing out.

Don’t hold back. Do you and feel good. Peace & Blessings

Charleen Mahery


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Me In A Nutshell

Well, honestly, I suck at this writing thing but I figured I need a journal and I’m not gonna go buy one and write in it, when typing on a cellular device has become second nature to me.

This is my journal. Share my happy moments; my heart breaks; fantasies; fashion tips; Self Love tips & Motivation; Well, every little thing bout me shall be splurged on here.

Ladies & Gentlemen, I’m Charleen. 1990 Oct 3rd. Beautiful. Libra. Potty Mouth. Singer. Rapper. Fat (Plus Size when sugar coated). A Sister. An Aunt. A Daughter. A Lover. A Friend. An Enemy. An Appreciator. A Hater. A Life-ist. And I really don’t care if folk like me or not.

Blog To Express, Not To Impress.
Peace & Blessings
Charleen Mahery