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My blunt was lit and I was out there talking to my cuz… Having basic conversations; strolling down memory lane, talking bout money, talking bout the concept of life, the possible purposes of life, etc.

I randomly asked her: “Don’t you think the mind is the devil?” When I picked up silence longer than 10seconds, I realized I gave her something to think about. I just put her entire life’s decisions in question.

What if our minds our the devil?
What if “religion” is really the “right” way? What if our religious books, be it The Bible or The Quran, are law books that we should live by but we strayed away because of “The Mind”.

The fact that all things start with a thought and there’s so much evil in the world right now because nobody is really into church anymore. Everybody has a different path they took for themselves because their minds led them to believe that it’s “right”.

The Adam & Eve story? What if we took it literally? What if the mind was personified into a Snake? What if there wasn’t a literal snake in the garden but it was just a thought that was going through Eve’s mind?

Why are all the laws in these “Law Books” or “Life Guides” (e.g. Bible) being broken so freely? Why them? Why, when we know so well that they will affect other people, do we do them anyway? Adultery, Idolising, Theft, Desire, Using The Lord’s name in vain, Murder…

I know this is a whole lot of “What if” type of shit but questioning leads to investigation (in this case we may call it soul searching) that will lead us to a truth more suited for us.

The mind should be nurtured above anything physical. If your mind is healthy, you have a healthy spirit and body. Our society is becoming toxic.

That’s just me doe. Bleh

“You Define Your Own PERFECT” – Charleen Mahery


Life (My Thoughts)



Charleen Mahery

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I’ve established that I’m not big on blogging, I’d rather tweet my random thoughts. Because I can’t hang on too long to a thought, Twitter is a lil more convenient cause there I can squeeze something into 140 Characters and make it work aaaaaaand I like the “Live” interaction vibe there… But well, Whatever.

I’m chilling in bed, watching Scandal on eTV and something about spirits getting rest so they can move on to another form of life was mentioned and people who know me know how such things get my mind racing.

I believe that the spirit never “dies”, the body does. Yes, I believe in reincarnation. I never bother to read up much on it though because I believe whatever I’m gonna read is drawn from somebody elses beliefs. Beliefs they also made up, so I meditate and allow certain truths to be revealed to me by a HIGHER me.
I was gonna say how some people tend to remind me that this is bullshit to them; but I remembered how irrelevant that is because at the end of the day, we’re all seekers of truth and nobody’s belief system is superior to the other.

Nobody really knows what happens when we die. There are stories bout heaven and hell, stories I quite frankly don’t believe but I take them into consideration because people close to me believe their spirits are gonna wind up in one of those places.

I usually compare life a board game. Snakes & Ladders, specifically… Sometimes even Monopoly. You choose your game, I’m on that S&L shit.
S&L has a 100 blocks to go through, where 1 is birth and 100 is death. Shot.
Dice roll, the games begin (This is where the saying Life Is A Gamble makes sense to me).

1st few blocks of the game reflect childhood. Not much of a hassle, the main focus is beaing healthy and growing up. There are ladders that advance you, thus promoting growth.

When you get to your #20 blocks you start dealing with snakes. Snakes are obstacles in life; health, people, etc. The snakes may pull you back but you will pick yourself up from that and roll the dice and move forward again. The older you grow, the more the obstacles(snakes) and the lesser the ladders that help to easily advance yourself to the next part of the game.
That’s when hardwork manifests. When you reach adulthood, you somehow don’t wait for opportunity to knock, you go looking for it. You study, find a job, work hard and get the things you want. You will stumble upon a ladder every now and then but more snakes are outchea tryna murk you. Na mean?

Then you reach 100 and that’s what we refer to as “death”. Death is not a spirit dying, it’s the spirit being transferred into another vessel and it begins another “term” of life. So when you get to 100, you restart the game.

For my own sake, I hope this makes sense when I read it later… But yeah, my whole point is we tend to read too much into the simplicity of life. We tend to focus on the image of the piece that we are on the board game and forget to nurture the spirit within that piece. We worry about physical death too much while we lose parts of our spirit to the material world. Parts of us that we can’t regain or re-grow….

As flawed as this thought may be, it’s originally mine and that makes it perfect. *sigh*



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