She was of light brown skin

Soft, phat lips

A cute chubby face

And an ego da size of her bum

She was Nubian-like

Very sophisticated and inlove wit her smile


She was poetic in every sense

Even her curvaceous thighs recited something deep about life

Every man who understood beauty wanted to make her his wife

Thoughts ran deep

“Must be the life in her eyes…”

“No, probably the nudity in her voice”

“Naaa, the way she pouts her lips”

He’d look at her and be left speechless

The look in her eyes stole the words from his tongue

She had da personality of a bee
She left a buzz in everyone’s mind

She was everything you knew and Understood but couldn’t explain

She was an angel with caution signs everywhere



(Written August 2008)

“You Define Your Own PERFECT” – @miss_concept



Suitcases packed with broken dreams

Your perceptions of the world we inhabit have been altered

Thus everything is no longer what it seemed

Broken hearts displayed in galleries everywhere

Yes, humans paint self-portraits in tears

Indignant souls screaming for attention

Deep crooning with heads bowed down in shame

Visible seclusion from the world

Without even looking twice you know the story because you’ve walked that path

What was excitement yestermorn

Has been taken advantage of

Molested by jJdgment and produced offsprings called Regret

Not strong enough to abort such, you learn to stomach the brat that keeps kicking you in your crop

Pain has become one with you

Blame is all you know how to do

Forgetting that the state you’re in today was a choice you made yesterday

The world is what you thought it would be

You just didn’t give it enough time to show you

Like a fool, you rushed in
And just as quickly you got kicked out

Life is not a race, its a walk in the park on a cool summer night

“You Define Your Own PERFECT” – @miss_concept