It’s been a while since I’ve interacted through this page – forgot my password and frankly, my fire for blogging was amiss – but I’m trying to change that and use it like before – probably a little better even.

I’ll still share my poetry and also share other writing I do and my music.

I’ll share bits and pieces of my self too; my mood, my motivation, the music I like, books, holiday destinations, and basically everything I find interesting and worth allowing to linger in my mind.

I’m a lover of all things beautiful and I am open to interactions with like-minded individuals. Lets connect!

Enjoy the Sunday and have a glorious week!

Charleen Mahery



She was of light brown skin

Soft, phat lips

A cute chubby face

And an ego da size of her bum

She was Nubian-like

Very sophisticated and inlove wit her smile


She was poetic in every sense

Even her curvaceous thighs recited something deep about life

Every man who understood beauty wanted to make her his wife

Thoughts ran deep

“Must be the life in her eyes…”

“No, probably the nudity in her voice”

“Naaa, the way she pouts her lips”

He’d look at her and be left speechless

The look in her eyes stole the words from his tongue

She had da personality of a bee
She left a buzz in everyone’s mind

She was everything you knew and Understood but couldn’t explain

She was an angel with caution signs everywhere



(Written August 2008)

“You Define Your Own PERFECT” – @miss_concept


Suitcases packed with broken dreams

Your perceptions of the world we inhabit have been altered

Thus everything is no longer what it seemed

Broken hearts displayed in galleries everywhere

Yes, humans paint self-portraits in tears

Indignant souls screaming for attention

Deep crooning with heads bowed down in shame

Visible seclusion from the world

Without even looking twice you know the story because you’ve walked that path

What was excitement yestermorn

Has been taken advantage of

Molested by jJdgment and produced offsprings called Regret

Not strong enough to abort such, you learn to stomach the brat that keeps kicking you in your crop

Pain has become one with you

Blame is all you know how to do

Forgetting that the state you’re in today was a choice you made yesterday

The world is what you thought it would be

You just didn’t give it enough time to show you

Like a fool, you rushed in
And just as quickly you got kicked out

Life is not a race, its a walk in the park on a cool summer night

“You Define Your Own PERFECT” – @miss_concept

The Woman And Her Struggles

Charleen Mahery

Charleen aka Miss Concept


Very often I understand when a woman is moody because I take things like hormones and general life into consideration.

Even though men know the biological reason for a woman’s mood swings, I often feel that they don’t understand in depth why women are a lil moody more often than hardly.

Lemme explain it to you like this:
(This is not something I was taught in a class somewhere. This is based on my experience and other females around me)

• There a 4weeks in a month.

• In those 4weeks, a woman has only one “normal” week.

• The week before her period, her body is changing. Tender breasts, an uncomfortable feeling in her abdomen, etc.

• Then comes the period. 4-7days of pain that you can’t really do much about. How can a person bleed for so many days and not be in pain?

• Then the week after the period. The recovery. The mood swings kick in proper during this time hence the term PMS (Post Menstrual Sydrome)

During all 3 weeks, she has to keep a normal pace in life and still drag a smile around.

• Then there are those normal 7-10days that you just see her glowing all the time.

Would you not be moody if you went through all that? I actually think we handle it well. We could be monsters.

That’s just something I’d like you to take into consideration when you come up with these “Women are this & that” theories.



“You Define Your Own PERFECT” – Charleen Mahery

Conversations Between Me & I



I’m outchea thinking “How am I gonna start this blog? What’s my opening line gonna be?”

“It’s a Sunday, a lazy one…”


… Thinking… “Shit, it can’t sound corny”

Then I’m like “phuck it! This is not supposed to sound poetic and shit, just type”

That’s how I landed here.

It’s amazing that what happened when I started posting on here was part of the conversation Me and I had about 30mins ago. Over-thinking.

Me hates the fact that I is such an over-analyst. Me feels that I is setting her back because of it.

Me thinks I is a lazy over-thinker and said something so heart-breaking after that statement.

Me: “Laziness and Over-thinking are rivals with you and they, themselves are rivals. They don’t mix at all. They are worst when they occupy the same space: Your mind! That’s why you’re stuck here right now, I.”

That was just too trill for I. Too damn trill. You know why? Cause I knew it was true.

Me went on to saying:
“I’m not here to bring you down. I’m just here to be real with you (Since you’re failing to be real with yourself) and unfortunately at this point in your life, you have no say over that.”

Now, I is one person that finds it hard to submit but this was Me talking. Me has never been that real with I. Yes, I was in shock but I didn’t even think of arguing it because it sounded and felt right. Who goes against that?

The rest of the things Me said to I cannot be disclosed at this point.
I almost cried though, that’s how deep me went in on I.

I and Me see this as a journey. What should they title it?


“You Define Your Own PERFECT” – Charleen Mahery

I Lost Myself (Confessions Of A Hoe)



TheCharleenMaheryNarrative I Lost Myself



I lost myself in blue jeans of a light skinned brother I met at a club in Rosebank last year
Swept me off my feet
Bought me a few drinks
Whispered sweet nothings in my ears
Took me home
Undressed me
Unzipped his pants
And I got lost in them

I lost myself in purple skinny jeans
Of a good looking and trendy brother I met in newtown a week after
Swept me off my feet
Bought me a few drinks
Whispered sweet nothings in my ears
Took me home
Undressed me
Unzipped his pants
And I got lost in them

I lost myself in rugby shorts after a rugby match
To a buff and physically perfect brother who
Swept me off my feet
Bought me a few drinks
Whispered sweet nothings in my ears
Took me home
Undressed me
Unzipped his pants
And I got lost in them

I lost myself in foreign and local pants
Lost myself in pants of all races
Pants of all ages
Some pants in cars
Some in hotel rooms
Some in weird homes
Some in bathrooms
Pieces of me scattered everywhere
I lost myself

And you wonder why I’m a different person everytime you talk to me


“You Define Your Own PERFECT” – Charleen Mahery




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It Could Only Get Worse

The Ville After

Tired faces after a long night of hardwork… and it only got worse. Charleen Mahery & Ofentse Dooka (Awesome Twosome)


They pollute the mind of the young
Today is depressed by it’s survival
And Tomorrow dreads its own arrival
Cause it could only get worse

They host revivals
Revivals that encourage negativity
Revivals that support prejudice
Where artificial intelligence is a trend
Where you dress up to please the viewer
And young girls spread legs to add value to their worth
And hide their insecurities behind stunners and pink lip stick
Hide their pain underneath expensive clothing
And attempt to walk tall with Loubitin’s they bought in the JHB CBD
Yes, today is still suicidal
And tomorrow keeps postponing its arrival
Cause it could only get worse

They hide their brains under what they call Brazillian weaves
Yet they wonder why men don’t see them as african queens
Starve themselves and collapse in classrooms
Deprive themselves from watching cartoons
Sacrifice studying for an exam to watch and imitate a Kardashian
They are Black but try hard to be Caucasian

And my mother asks:
“Child, is this the freedom I fought for?”
With headphones in my ears I failed to hear her properly
She questions her parenting skills and wonders how she could’ve raised me so sloppily
I’ll do right tomorrow
But tomorrow is skeptical of its arrival
And today dreads its own survival
Cause it will only get worse

“You Define Your Own PERFECT” – Charleen Mahery



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